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"Making work different is the success of talented and passionate people."

Maybe we spend more time in our business than in our private life. We spend more time with our colleagues than with our family, from our loved ones, to ourselves. As ASD, we are in a close relationship with not only our teammates but also their families because we are aware of this situation. We believe in the integrity of the team in the emergence of unusual designs.

Every two weeks, one of our team does not work on Saturday to allow our team to rest in a busy working environment. Perhaps we saw a positive increase in team performance through this practice in very few companies, and we got a working principle in this way.

We also do not neglect our routine social activities such as picnics, pasta courses, bowlig tournaments, dinners, carpet field matches that we go to in the village. In addition to these, we have provided a comfortable working atmosphere in the office, making our employees enjoyable and enjoyable, and by this time we have removed the usual hard working conditions.

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