Domain & Hosting

Domain & Hosting

Domain is the name of a website. These names are written in the address bar of internet browsers and they are entered into the sites. In fact, sites can also be connected with ip addresses. But it is difficult to keep ip addresses in mind. For this reason domains or domain names are used. .com, .net, .biz, .org are the most preferred extensions.


Hosting service is the service that your applications that will broadcast on the internet (web site, database, mobile applications, e-mail services etc.) will be broadcast 24/7 on computers called servers in the environment called eCertification.

With Domain and Hosting service, you have the same domain as your brand name and you have the hosting required for hosting the system you will use on the internet.

.terminated Domain Names

As a company, we are doing the necessary correspondence and paperwork for you to have a domain name with a registered trademark ODTU approved (.tr) extension.

Domain names can not be purchased according to the internet procedures of the world wide and they can be registered for a certain period of use for a minimum of one year. If you can not renew your domain name at the end of the registration period, someone else can register your domain name. We follow these processes in your name and inform you in the process and extend the deadlines if you approve.