Creating Brand Identity

Creating Brand Identity

Starting from the establishment of the company, we are in the process of creating a corporate identity, from the creation of the brand to the registration of the trademark, the preparation of the logo, the preparation of invoices from letterhead. We also provide consulting, advertising and organization services for your Current Brand.

Access to Brand Before Customers

The brand is a kind of preview of the products, the first impressions of their minds. The customer who trusts the brand becomes a long-time, loyal customer. Brand identity provides the difference and superiority of the brand. From the standpoint of reputation management, public relations work on the internet has gone beyond traditional methods. It is important for people to make their decisions now, without researching on the internet, in terms of the brand's presence on the Internet.

Corporate Identity and Social Media

Now, even what one person is saying, is being heard by thousands of people. In order to control your brand's reputation, it's important to use all your online tools, your website, and social media effectively. In short, managing reputation is inevitable for brands. At this point, ASD Creative & Interactive produces and implements the digital solutions you need for your brand's reputation.