Internet Advertising

Internet Advertising

Internet advertising has an edge over advertisements on TV, radio, billboards and flyers: it can reach the exact target audience. Anyone who uses the internet knows that Internet advertising is published privately, according to what we search on search engines. Besides, ignoring ads is more difficult on the internet than traditional advertising methods.

Besides all these benefits, it also makes internet advertising indispensable. ASD Creative & Interactive designs your internet advertising to reach the largest audience possible by evaluating the best options for you, with its expert staff.

Search Engine Ads

We keep your advertising costs at a minimum so that you can put your top positions in search engines and present your products and services for target audiences. We keep your budget for advertising at the lower levels to ensure the highest level of productivity. In the process, we also make detailed analyzes of your competitors.

Social Media Advertising

Your social media accounts; who are experts in the field and who can communicate with the communities correctly. We manage social media pages with our experienced team, reach the target masses on social media, create unique and interesting contents related to your sector, share these contents, manage incoming interactions and messages correctly and translate access and interactions into customers.