How Important is Backlink in Web Design and SEO?

How Important is Backlink in Web Design and SEO?
19 Nisan 2018 - Yazan, 3

Backlink, to explain briefly, links to a website from another website. These links can be in the form of text or visuals.

It has been found that the backlinks placed in the introduction texts are much more useful nowadays.

In addition to promotional letters, visual banner backlink sources are also preferred.


How to Backlink?

Backlink can be done by posting a promotional post on a web site and placing a link to this article in your site.

Except this; The footer area can be linked with text, the banner can be added visually, or it can be in the form of adding your web page link to this comment by writing a comment on a blog that interests you.

You can create small web pages with similar content to your site and give them backlinks from there.


What to Watch for?

If you want to host a backlink on a page that has lots of links, such as a link repository, this will not help you. Because such pages are not very popular with Google.

Do not try to give backlinks to many pages within a day. You should create backlinks with time spread, eg 2-3 weeks apart.

The site you will be providing backlinks must be a site that is relevant to your content. This may be a little difficult, but it is the most useful method.

You should try to get links from social media circles. Especially Facebook and Twitter are the pioneering and most useful channels in this regard.

You can get links from quality forums, blog pages or dictionaries. When doing all of this, you should take care not to get backlinks from Google-banned sites. It can make all your efforts go to waste.

While doing all this, getting support from a professional web design agency will give you the fastest and most efficient result.