Samsung launches iTest, the application that converts iPhones to Android

Samsung launches iTest, the application that converts iPhones to Android
14 Nisan 2021 - Yazan, 5

South Korean technology giant Samsung has undertaken a different job to attract iOS users to the Android ecosystem. The company, which is called "iTest" and offers a special web-based software, enables iPhone owners to explore the Galaxy phone experience using this software. In other words, iTest gives iPhone owners an Android experience on their phones.

As you can imagine, iTest cannot offer all the features of Android. However, we can say that it still does a very good job despite the restrictions. Because using this software, you can see in general what Samsung's One UI interface has to offer. For example, with iTest, you will be able to visit the Galaxy Store and run preview versions of Android apps.

Perhaps the most impressive of the functionality offered by iTest is that it can send notifications. When you run the web-based application, iTest starts sending you some fake notifications. However, this situation, when combined with notifications from the iPhone, is a bit confusing. Nevertheless, iTest will allow you to learn what the Android experience offers, and it shows what you will encounter if you leave the iPhone one day and buy a Samsung Galaxy phone.

After accessing the website, when you open your phone's camera and scan the QR code on the site, you can start to have an Android experience on iPhone 7 and above models. Let's see if iTest will be able to attract iPhone users for the Android ecosystem.