Converters that produce 3D printer raw materials

Converters that produce 3D printer raw materials
11 Ekim 2017 - Yazan, 2

3D printers, one of the most popular technologies of recent times, are seen as a new industrial revolution for many people. But the biggest obstacle in front of this revolution is the high price of raw materials, which is why the cost of many small vehicles produced in 3D printers is now more expensive than outsourcing.

In addition, some 3D printer manufacturers use a single type of raw material to connect their users, and the limited choice of colors also pose other challenges. However, three students from the Department of Physics Engineering of the University of British Columbia in Canada seem to have overcome this problem.

Today it is said that a 1 kg raw material is about 50 bucks, but it is said that with the converter called ProtoCycler, 1 kg of raw material can be produced at the cost of 5 dollars in desired color. In addition, the converter is ready to use raw material fully ready to prepare a 1kg 2 hours a month.

Apart from this, the most notable point of the printer is the presence of a shredder on it. Thanks to this system, you can convert any plastic waste into 3D printer raw material. Apart from this, the system, which does not cost extra, offers the opportunity to create a new product at zero cost for users with waste plastics.