Yemeksepeti plans a technology center where it will employ 1000 people in its first year

Yemeksepeti plans a technology center where it will employ 1000 people in its first year
19 Ağustos 2021 - Yazan, 5

Yemeksepeti, one of the most important internet companies in our country, is opening a technology center. According to the information we received today, Yemeksepeti shared that it will open a technology center with an e-mail sent to its employees. The technological infrastructure for global operations will be developed at the said technology center.



According to the information obtained, 1000 people will be employed in the technology center to be opened in the first year. Let's add that the 1000 people in question will be mostly software developers and designers. The technology center is expected to employ 4,000 engineers and software developers in the next 5 years.

Let's also share that Yemeksepeti aims to offer training opportunities in any field to the employees who will be in the technology center. To remind you, Yemeksepeti was acquired by Delivery Hero in 2015 with a valuation of $589 million.



In the said technology center, the technological infrastructure will be developed not only for Yemeksepeti but also for all global operations of Delivery Hero. In short, Yemeksepeti will improve Delivery Hero's global infrastructure with its technology center, both its experience in online food ordering and Banabi's experience in Quick commerce.

Technology will be produced in 20 different countries within Delivery Hero at the technology center. It should be noted that the said technology center will be the third technology center to be established within Delivery Hero, after Berlin and Singapore.


To remind you, Yemeksepeti launched its market service Banabi platform in April 2019. The number of users of Banabi, which experienced a significant growth in a short time, reached 2 million according to the information shared in December 2020.



The technology center to be opened by Yemeksepeti is very important in terms of both creating an important quality employment and bringing the experience of Yemeksepeti in Turkey to the global arena. At the moment, let's add that there is no information about when or where the technology center will open.