What You Need to Know About VPN

What You Need to Know About VPN
01 Mayıs 2020 - Yazan, 5

With the developing internet, we put the technologies that come before us into our lives without question, in order to keep up with this speed. Of course, this situation comes with a serious security risk. While we keep up with the technology, we are also vulnerable to the damages of technology. Our privacy and security come first among these damages. We do not hesitate to leave our footprints and personal information while enjoying the blessings of technology. So what can we do? At this point, we encounter Virtual Private Network, namely VPN.



What is a VPN?


Virtual Private Network technology, which we call VPN, is a software that enables users to create a secure and encrypted connection over the internet via computer connection.


VPN enables employees or branch offices that are not physically present in the workplaces to connect to the central office network. This technology is also used to encrypt communications over common networks.


VPN technology is generally used through the application or program that is downloaded and installed locally on the mobile device or computer. Simply put, the VPN software connects to a remote server of your computer, hiding you from malware and third parties and keeping your data traffic encrypted and secure.


With VPN, you can protect your identity virtually.


When you use VPN programs, your internet protocol, that is, your IP address, is hidden and in this way you gain anonymity in the virtual environment. This is because the IP addresses used by VPN programs are constantly changing. This always makes you look like you are connected to the internet from another part of the world.


You can hide your virtual location with VPN


Your IP address is your virtual address given to you by your internet service provider. Your internet service provider assigns a separate IP address to each of the devices you use to connect to the internet. When you connect to the internet with VPN programs, the IP address of the device you connect to will no longer be the IP address assigned by your internet service provider, and the VPN server you use from VPN servers used by the VPN application to connect to the Internet from different locations. So, when you connect to the internet anywhere in Turkey in the digital world, change your locations worldwide with VPN, for example, you can connect to from the UK.


You can protect your data with VPN


When you connect to the internet without the VPN program, without the tunnel protocols provided by the VPN program, third parties, especially your internet service provider, can monitor, record your data traffic, or malicious people can access your information by hacking your network and your information such as credit card, bank information that you will not want to be taken by other people. He can play. When you use a VPN, your user connections cannot be compatible with the devices you use. You can visit the site you want freely or browse the internet as you wish, but your internet service provider cannot follow any of them.


With VPN, you won't get stuck on Bandwidth limit


We can also call it bandwidth data transfer capacity. If the bandwidth is unlimited while you are connecting to the internet, the data transfer capacity will also be unlimited, but when you connect to the internet under the data transfer capacity conditions of your internet service provider, you can use the data transfer capacity provided by your internet quota. While some of the paid VPN programs offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited data transfer capacity, this does not apply to free VPN programs.


You can easily overcome access barriers with VPN


When you connect to the internet with a VPN, your IP address will change geographically as you will connect to the internet by choosing one of the VPN servers provided by the VPN program you are using. Normally, IP addresses are provided by internet service providers based on their geographic location, and when access barriers are applied, they are based on IP addresses. When you connect to the internet with VPN in this way, you overcome the access barriers imposed by your country by choosing your VPN server as another country.


You can access the internet from your own country when traveling with VPN


You don't have to use VPN programs only at home. If you are traveling a lot abroad, you can also use VPN to overcome the access barriers of the country you are visiting or to connect to your home or corporate network in your home country. For example, we can say that China currently has the most access barriers. None of the platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram can be reached without using VPN in the country.