01 Temmuz 2020 - Yazan, 5

There are many people who want to deal with software or design these days, but the license fees of the programs that can be used for software and design can be annoying especially for the student. The Microsoft company, which saw this situation, started to offer students incredible opportunities both to help students and to expand its software and design network. Let's look at what opportunities it offers.

How Will We Reach Opportunities?

    First of all, we need to login to the site ( to reach these opportunities. After logging into the site, after choosing the country "Turkey" and marking the university we are studying, the site directs us to the page where there are special opportunities offered to our school. After being redirected to the page, we have to login to the site to download the opportunities offered. To do this, we click on the "Register" text at the top right and then write the e-mail address given by our school on our behalf (If you do not know the e-mail address that your school has allocated to your name, you can contact your school's student affairs). In the next stage, we can take advantage of the special opportunities offered to our school after the process of password setting and mail confirmation.

What's There?

    It is possible that there will be special options for your school and changes from school to school on the page that the site directs you. For this reason, we generally preferred to include programs that can include the library of each school. Let's take a look at what software is available and what kind of discounts we can get.

Windows 10
Of course, Windows 10 is the most useful software for university students. Considering that students prefer freedos computers because of the high prices, it is a great opportunity to offer a software like Windows 10 for free. The installation is quite simple and it is very easy to upgrade to licensed software for students who use trial version.

Microsoft Office
One of the software we use the most these days in distance education is the undisputed Microsoft Office software. Thanks to this opportunity offered by Microsoft to students, Word, PowerPoint etc. we can access the Office 365 library with all the software.

Visual Studio
This program, which students familiar with software is familiar with, is offered to students free of charge by Microsoft. Visual Studio, which can be used easily in the software works as a compiler and editor with its renewed design, will be very helpful for your works.


Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Creative Cloud software, which includes legends such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere, which are among the indispensable programs of students, especially those who are engaged in design, video edit, can be purchased with a nice discount even if it is not free. Adobe Creative Cloud software, which normally costs 332 pounds per month, welcomes us with a price of 125 pounds per month.

Note: After the first year, the price rises to 187 lira per month.