The Explorer, Known by Everyone, Will Become History in 2022

The Explorer, Known by Everyone, Will Become History in 2022
20 Mayıs 2021 - Yazan, 5

Microsoft said in a statement that Windows 10 computers will not run Internet Explorer from 2022. Stating that Edge is in good condition, the authorities will make one of the oldest names in the browser industry unusable as of June 15, 2022. Operating systems prior to Windows 10 will not receive updates.


US-based technology giant Microsoft is preparing the end of the internet browser "Internet Explorer", which it first published in 1995. The application, which is no longer used and idle, and which causes a complete waste of time even if it is tried to be used, will become inoperable on Windows 10 computers in 2022. Of course, software support for this internet browser will also be cut.

According to the statements made by Sean Lyndersay, one of the Microsoft Edge managers, Windows 10 does not need Internet Explorer. Lyndersay says that Microsoft Edge, which comes preloaded in new system installations, does a much better job, and thus it is decided that Internet Explorer is at the end of the road.


According to the statements made by Microsoft, Interner Explorer will be able to be used in Windows 10 for the next 1 year. However, when the calendars show June 15, 2022, it will not be possible to install or use this application. Since then, consumers using versions prior to Windows 10 will also be vulnerable to vulnerabilities. Of course, if there is a day-to-day consumer using Internet Explorer around the corner ...


Some businesses continue to use Windows 7 or older versions. Microsoft continues to provide its best support for such companies. These businesses will also be deprived of Internet Explorer in 2022. Instead, the company will be using a modded Microsoft Edge. This modded software will be supported until 2029. What will happen after that time has not been planned for now.