18 Haziran 2020 - Yazan, 5

Many people heard the name of Peak Games, which is said to be sold for $ 1.8 billion in the past few days, with the same advertisement given to 41 televisions at the same time. Now, the emergence of such a large company from Turkey and the first unicorn * not in the form we were very happy. We can even say that this news led most young people to turn to the software and gaming industry. We will also present article, we take a little look at the development of this sector in Turkey, referring to the gaming industry. Maybe we'll wake up the software developer inside you.



The widespread use of smartphones coincides with the years 2011-2012. In those years, smart phones, which were only in the hands of young people, were not preferred by older people, and the habit of playing games or doing business on the phone had not developed yet. As we approach the present day, both smart phones have become widespread from seven to seventy, and the gaming industry has started to focus on mobile games. These and similar developments also played a major role in the increase of hyper-casual games, which were played for 10-12 minutes a day and which had simple dynamics **. After these developments, the mobile game industry gained an incredible momentum, and as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, it led to the emergence of companies that reached billion dollars. When we look at the 2018 data, Supercell, the creator of the Finnish Clash of Clans game, which is one of the mobile game giants, has a value of 10 billion dollars and the revenue of Tencent, the creator of the game Mobile PUBG, has exceeded 500 billion dollars and these values ​​have continued to increase day by day. The Peak Games in Turkey, Gram Games, became the pioneer firms such as MildManne shed light on the situation of the sector and the emergence of new firms for young people.



The fact that the said values ​​exceeded billions of dollars naturally was one of the factors that fired the young people who were the players of the time to become the creator of the game. In addition, the fact that hyper casual games can be developed with teams of 3-4 people in a short time has enabled the mobile game industry to gain an incredible momentum. Turkey also sees this growth as rollick Games is founded by three friends began to support young entrepreneurs of small game in order to ensure the growth of the company. According to the Joint Declaration of the moment Turkey Burak Vardal almost anywhere in about 70-80 small and medium-sized game companies is supported and these companies are driven dozens of new gaming market by day. The emergence of such initiatives from our country obviously feels like medicine to our country these days when the economy needs to grow. When considering the gaming industry will further grow in the coming years will have a very important place in Turkey's growth, and the location is also quite easy to predict, we think he will not leave anyone.


In summary, it is not too late to be a part of the mobile game industry, which enables unimaginable money to be earned by the gathering of 2-3 friends, and new data shows that young people focus on this sector. We believe that one of the pioneers of the mobile gaming industry in Turkey today, the future is a leader in the coming years with young people. Touching this article even to a teenager will make us very happy. The future is in our hands. Be faithful, stay healthy!

* Young entrepreneurial companies that are not publicly held and worth more than $ 1 billion.

** Simple games that require continuity but do not require expertise and extraordinary effort, change quickly and create habit.