Bomb One More Feature!

Bomb One More Feature!
17 Eylül 2017 - Yazan, 3

WhatsApp, which became a popular messaging application, especially after smartphones in almost all over the world, has released a new update.

Now, the mobile messaging app is now available for voice calling. First of all, the new feature that can be used on smart devices running Android operating system offers users similar services to Skype and Viber. It is stated that users will be able to speak to the people on their lists as if they are using this application, and not have to do this through the operator.

Users who want to use WhatsApp's new feature on their smartphones will be able to download the new version from their mobile devices by entering the application's official web page and pressing the "download" key there. The new feature will be available on iOS and BlackBerry, but the official time is not clear.

This leads to criticism in several aspects of the first application. As a matter of fact, users with the android operating system that install this feature will not be able to talk through WhatsApp with friends on iOS and Blackberry. However, those who have implemented the applet say that they have not worked perfectly yet, and that there are sound interruptions.